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Tintica Natural Dyeing Kit

Tintica Natural Dyeing Kit

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Tintica Natural Dye Kits are created for those who are interested in entering the world of natural dyes with all the materials and instructions one would need to have this positive experience. Tintica will hold your hand as you dye your very own wool with natural dyes in a range of color options. The box includes all the necessary material to dye plus the instructions to guide you step by step easily and enjoyably. 

Materials included:

• one 100 gram skein (or, in the case of the Cochineal kit, 3 skeins totaling 100 grams) in Tintica yarn Perpetual: 85% superwash extrafine merino (19 micron)/ 15% nylon

• Mordant (potassium alum)

• Your choice of dye material (select above)

• Instructions.

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