Holiday Hat Party

Sunday, December 18th, 4 – 7 PM

Anyone else planning to make any hats for the holidays? They are my go-to gift to make for loved ones, especially the quick bulky ones. I was thinking it would be extra cute to get together and all make some hats at the shop!

As a fun bonus, our friends over at Loopy Mango have generously sponsored the event and have sent us a All You Knit hat kit to give away as a prize to one randomly chosen hat maker at the event. They've also leant us a ton of hats to use as inspiration and to try on!

You can either bring your own yarn, needles, and pattern, or pick out a project at the shop to start. I have lots of free, simple hat patterns and plenty of yarn recommendations to go with. I'll also have tea and wine to share with anyone who likes.

While this is not a formal class to teach you how to make anything specific, I will be happy to help you if you have any questions or dropped stitches. I also expect any fellow hat-maker present can also show you anything you don't yet know!

Feel free to bring a friend, drinks, or snacks. Let's get crafty!

. . .

Congrats to the raffle winner for this event, Mary! Wearing the hat they crocheted during the event, too!

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