You can do more than just shop at your local yarn store! Our aim here at CLEO'S is to be a creative community space where people can learn, play, relax, and connect with other makers. 

Free Crafting Help Anytime!

Don't leave your projects tucked in a drawer if you're not sure how to continue with them, bring them into the shop and we'll help you get back on track! Let us fix your dropped stitches and translate confusing pattern instructions.

We typically keep help at the counter limited to a couple minutes and when it's not super busy. If you'd like more dedicated time with an instructor to get help and learn new things, please come to our Open Studio workshop or book a private lesson!



Classes & Private Lessons

The shop offers many classes, workshops, and private lessons at where you can learn any crafty thing you might want. If you want to book some dedicated time to learn something new, check out our current class listings to learn new skills or make a project, our Open Studio workshop for any kind of help you need, or book a private lesson to learn something specific on your own or with a few friends. 

Events & Community

Our events are at the heart of our shop, thanks to all the incredible folks who come to them!

Our weekly Happy Hours have been our most popular event since we opened: a craft circle where we serve complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

We also host other special events, check them our here, and here!


Special Orders

If you're looking for a large amount of yarn, or we're low on one you've got your eye on, have us put in a special order for you to get exactly what you need at no extra cost. We can make special orders for any yarn we currently carry. You can also special order any yarn from brands we carry (even yarns we are not currently stocking) at certain quantities (usually multiples of 5 or 10 skeins).


Ball Winding Services

Winding yarn by hand can be soothing occasionally, but more often than not we find ourselves too impatient to get started to find it enjoyable. If you relate, don't worry, we'll wind any yarn you buy at the shop for free!

If you have other skeins you'd like to bring it to get wound, it's only $1–3 per skein to get your yarn would into a ball, depending on the yardage. If you want to return or exchange an unused skein that's already been wound, there is a $3 rewinding fee.


Many of the samples in the shop are designed by Cleo in-house and posted on Ravelry. A few are listed here on our website as well. We have a binder of patterns in the shop, as well as several inspiring books full of patterns and techniques!

We can also help you pick out a pattern on Ravelry. We've got many tips and tricks for finding exactly the pattern you want. Come in and let's browse together!

Yarns & Products in the Shop

Of course, at the heart of every yarn shop is the yarn itself. I am slowly adding all of the products I sell in the shop to be available for purchase on this website! Not quite everything is online, so definitely come into the shop for the full experience. You can browse all our products available online here, or just browse Yarn, Notions, Bags, or Patterns.