Hello hello!

I'm Cleo (they/she). I'm a knitter, crocheter, weaver, pattern designer, and second-time yarn shop owner. I used to run Cast Away Yarn Shop in Santa Rosa, California with my mom Justine, before I left it in her capable hands in 2020. It didn't take long for me to realize I wanted back into the yarn game, so I decided to open a new yarn shop in Brooklyn, New York in November 2022!

The shop is in East Williamsburg, in a renovated warehouse with a garage door we keep open in nice weather. When we opened my sibling Griffin shared the space with me as Heart Breaker Cameras. We built all the display and furniture in the shop from scratch, with much help from our parents Paul (a craftsman and contractor) and Justine (the above mentioned yarn shop owner and unofficial interior designer).

Just before our first anniversary, Rory joined our team as our official mascot and shop dog. He will likely give you a loud (but friendly) bark of a hello when you come in and follow you around the shop. Just don't leave any balls of yarn within his reach, we've had to untangle more than a few that he's gotten into.

The rest of our team is made up of:

  • Meredith (she/he/they), a musician, journalist, baker, and expert knitter. Her dogs are Helen and Bernard.
  • Erin (she/her), our rad beginning skills teacher, event host, video editor, and incredible cook.
  • Paulina (she/her), urban planning enthusiast, interior designer, and knitting fiend.
  • Perla (she/her), our spring intern who has two cats named Shadow and Tilin, and always likes to try new things.
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