It's all about events right now!

Spring has really been springing these last few weeks – and we're blooming right along with it, cultivating a garden of fun community events and classes here at the shop!

We now have not one but TWO Happy Hours each week! Join us every Friday and Sunday from 5 – 7 PM and enjoy the simple pleasures of working on fiber arts in good company with our wonderful community. Bring a friend or just plan to make a dozen new ones; it's always a wonderfully welcoming time!

Upcoming classes include Learn to Knit, Learn to Crochet, and another session of our favorite Punch Needling Workshop. Check out more classes on our Classes and Events page.

Can't wait to see you and your projects in the shop this season 🌸

Image by Helen Ho Photography



We do our rewards program a bit differently: we like to reward creativity & community over money spent! Plus we LOVE to see what y'all are making with our yarn.

When you tag photos of your finished projects with yarn from the shop @cleosyarnshop on instagram or tiktok, you earn a gold star on your Project Punch Card for every 200 yards in the project. We keep track of it all and award you store credit for each 5 stars you earn!

Our Scholarship Fund

We are pretty big on community over here. (You can read more about the values Cleo has built the shop on here.) One of the ways we support our community is through our Scholarship Fund!

Our Scholarship Fund is contributed to by the shop and our community to help those who need it attend our classes and events.

When signing up for a class or event, anyone is welcome to request a Scholarship Fund ticket at a partial or full discount. You can read more or contribute to our fund by clicking the button below!


Little Free Library of Yarn & Craft Supplies

In addition to our Scholarship Fund, our shop also has a shelf dedicated to 100% free yarn and craft supplies.

This library, like our Scholarship Fund, is contributed to by the shop and our community!

Anyone is welcome to donate and take home any of the yarn and supplies on the shelf.

If you would like to donate supplies, please read over our guidelines before bringing them to the shop.


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