Little Free Library of Craft Supplies

Have you ever taken a book from a Little Free Library?

Our shop has something a bit similar: a shelf dedicated to 100% free yarn and craft supplies!

This library, like our Scholarship Fund, is contributed to by the shop and our community.

Anyone is welcome to donate and take home any of the yarn and supplies on the shelf.

If you would like to donate supplies, please read over our guidelines below before bringing them to the shop!

We LOVE that you want to donate craft supplies! However, to keep our shelf full of wonderful supplies others (especially beginners) would love to work with, we request that anything you donate fit these criteria:

  • no half-finished projects
  • no more than 75% synthetic fibers in any yarn
  • no tangled yarn (ends should be tucked in neatly)
  • yarn must look and smell clean (please be mindful of pet hair and dander)
  • no mismatched or un-paired sets of needles
  • completely finished projects (with ends woven in) are accepted also, provided they also fit the above criteria!

If your donation fits the above terms, please bring it to the shop. We will look over what you brought and organize it onto the shelf!

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