Project Punch Cards - Earn Store Credit For Finished Projects!

In a lot of ways, our shop has the feel of the kindergarten classroom of your dreams. There's LOTS of color, we love helping you learn new things, and best of all, we give away gold star stickers 😊

Unlike other reward programs that are based on money spent, we like rewarding creativity! If you tag your finished projects with yarn from the shop @cleosyarnshop on instagram or tiktok you'll earn a gold star sticker for every 200 yards in your finished project. You can also bring your projects into the shop & let us photograph you with them!

We keep track of your stars and award you store credit for every 5 stars you earn:

⭐️ x 5 = $5 off

⭐️ x 10 = $10 off

⭐️ x 15 = $20 off

⭐️ x 20 = $50 off

Saving up your stars gets you a better deal, but you can use your awards anytime you want on in-store purchases or on our website!

PLUS, since we're pretty big on friendship & community over here, we also award stars for referrals. Tell your friends and get 1 gold star each time someone you know makes their first purchase at the shop (just make sure they tell us who sent them!)

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