One Year Anniversary Weekend!

CLEO’S has nearly been open for one whole year! Our first anniversary is coming up on November 4th & 5th and I cannot WAIT to celebrate with all of you!! I’d say I can’t believe it, but this has been one of the most full and incredible years of my life, so much that it feels more like 2 or 3 years have passed for me!


Saturday & Sunday

November 4th & 5th

12–5 PM both days

We’re gonna be celebrating the shop’s anniversary with sparkling drinks and CLEO’S-themed specials in the shop all weekend! For any CLEO’S merch you buy during our anniversary weekend you’ll get a little something special to go with it:

Buy: Get:
a CLEO’S Tape Measure any of Cleo’s self-published patterns for free
a CLEO’S Project Bag any yarn you can fit inside the project bag for 10% off
a CLEO’S Tote Bag any yarn you can fit inside the tote bag for 15% off
$100 or more of anything in the shop your choice of a CLEO’S Tape Measure or CLEO’S Project Bag

If you already have a CLEO'S project or tote bag the above discounts will apply to you too! Bring in your bags and fill them with yarn ♥️

You can pre-order a project bag or tote bag for the event by adding either to your cart and selecting in-store pick up at checkout. (There are only a limited amount of tote bags, be sure to snag yours soon if you really want one!)


So I had a really fun idea that I could really use your help with. You know how we do Project Punch Cards at the shop? If you’re not already familiar, for every 200 yards of yarn in a finished project we give you a little ⭐️ gold star ⭐️. Those stars can be redeemed in the shop for discounts on future purchases!

The main reason I started that kind of rewards program that’s based on projects instead of yarn bought or money spent is because I love seeing what y’all are making and I think it’s way more fun to reward creativity than cash. So for my anniversary I want to celebrate all the incredible projects that have been made with yarn from the shop in the last year! To do that I want to make a compilation video of you wearing or using what you’ve made, and I’m going to be giving away extra Project Punch Card stars as rewards for being in it!

So here’s how you can contribute to this project: send a 1-5 second video of any projects you've made with yarn from CLEO’S in action (as in, you or someone must be wearing it if it’s a wearable, or if it’s not wearable we want to see it being used for its intended purpose!). For every project video you submit you’ll earn an extra ⭐️ star ⭐️ for your Project Punch Card!

AND if you wear/bring your project into the shop so we can take a video of you in our space you’ll get ⭐️⭐️ two bonus stars ⭐️⭐️!

Tips for taking videos at home:

  • Film in a brightly lit space during the daytime so we can see your project best! We love to see you wearing your projects out in the world!
  • If you can, have a friend record you!
  • If you don’t have someone to record you, prop your phone up on something at your chest or eye level and use the back camera for the best quality.
  • Film yourself for a minute or so trying out a few poses, then edit the video after to just include your best 1–5 second pose.
  • Try not to film yourself in a mirror or from a selfie angle. As much as we love the tube girl aesthetic, we won’t be able to see you or your project as well!

You can submit videos via instagram DM (@cleosyarnshop) or email ( You can submit projects that have or have not already been added to your Project Punch Card! The deadline for submitting projects is November 1st, 2023 at midnight so I can edit you all together and share the video on my anniversary!


There are an infinite number of clichés to be said about my feelings right now. I am quite full of gratitude and joy and finding it hard to write this without tearing up a bit. What I care most about expressing is that my store is here thanks to all of you. Whether you’ve been a regular since I opened or have only been in the shop once, or even if you have been following the shop online and haven’t come in yet, you’ve supported my shop and contributed to the community here and I love you for that! Thank you!!

I am also eternally grateful to the individuals in my life that have gotten me here: to my sibling Griffin who opened with me as Heart Breaker Cameras and shared the space with me for 9 very joy-filled months, and who still supports me and the shop after they moved out; to my parents Paul and Justine for coming to New York to help me set up shop and open one year ago; to Charlotte Mack for being our first employee; to Tashira, Joyce, Erin, and Jessie for being our current star-studded staff; to everyone who has taught a class or hosted an event at the shop; and to all my friends who have helped me sticker yarn late at night and let me vent about the stress of being a business owner. It’s an insane amount of work and responsibility but I’m so happy to do it every day and I don't want to imagine doing anything else.

To the next many years of yarn to come!! See you in the shop soon!

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