tl;dr: I'm slowly designing a yarn-themed tarot deck that you can be in!
illustration of two medium-brown hands with red nail polish, mirroring each other, each holding small silver and gold scissors open to cut a teal string wrapped around each wrist and twirled throughout the image with medium rose background

Tarot is the first hobby since I learned to knit that captured all of my attention and held it for months (coming up on years now). I've always been drawn to systems of archetypes. In knitwear design especially I love taking one technique, shape, or pattern, and making several different versions of it.

• • •

My first tarot deck was a gimmicky deck; it was movie-themed and had beautiful illustrations of iconic film characters (check it out here: Movie Tarot illustrated by Natalie Foss). I love the practice of taking classical archetypes and reinterpreting them on a theme. Every new depiction adds a layer of nuance and relatability to a complex and intangible concept.

loosely drawn black figure sitting cross knitting legged in neon pink chair on blue background with yarn and tools around the chair legs on the floor

 • • •

After mentally swimming in a daily tarot practice for several months, in June 2022 I started writing my interpretations of a yarn and craft themed tarot deck. A few weeks later I began gathering reference photos. I've slowly been gathering more photos and beginning to draw outlines of cards since.

• • •

I don't normally create visual art so systematically or gradually (that practice is usually reserved for various yarn crafts). I've been learning to let myself move slowly through this project, letting go of any shame-fueled sense of urgency that arises. Creating this deck will take a long time, I've decided. I'm going to continue to let tarot teach me through this.

• • •

loosely drawn illustration of two pink hands with cobalt nail polish holding a red skein of yarn on yellow background

So far I have gathered many wonderful volunteers to pose for reference photos and bring their energy into the deck I'm drawing. There are still some cards without models, so if you are interested in being a part of the project, let me know! I will assign you a card and ask that you send me a few photos of yourself in a specific pose. All genders, races, ages, and body types are welcome. I would love to have you.

You can email me at hello@cleosyarnshop.com or message me on Instagram @cleosyarnshop.

More updates to come, thanks for reading. 

hand drawn red heart shape CLEO