Learn to Crochet Hanging Vines

Learn to crochet hanging vines of leaves! These curling strands can be hung by themselves, or tucked into a little pot.

Sign Up: Learn these techniques in our Open Studio class! Open Studio is a drop-in workshop every Sunday from 3–5 PM. It's open to all crafts & experience levels, a time where you can learn anything you want, including crochet vines! Click here to sign up.

Pattern: Pointy Leaf Vines by KeeleysCrochet on Etsy. The pattern is $1.42 and must be purchased by each individual student who wants to learn this pattern. You can also purchase Keeley's pattern with 5 different crochet vines here.

Required Experience: you should be very comfortable with the chain stitch and single crochet stitch before taking this class. Knowledge of other crochet stitches (half double, double, triple/treble) is helpful but not necessary.

Required Yarn and Tools: you can use pretty much any yarn and hook to make these vines! If you are still new to crochet I would avoid using thinner yarns, and use a hook size that is a bit larger than what your yarn recommends using. I have plenty of recommendations of yarns and hook sizes in the shop :)

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