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Learn to Weave

Learn to Weave

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This has been my favorite class to teach for so many years. Table loom weaving is intuitive, playful, and so fast. Where knitting or crocheting a scarf could take up to 20 hours, you can weave one with the same yarn in only 3!

In the class we will warp the looms, start weaving, and hemstitch one end of the scarf. The scarf will take an additional 1.5–3 hours at home to finish. A one-week loom rental is included in the class.

Cleo (they/she)

6.5" x 60" scarf with fringe in one or two colors.

pattern and weaving instruction sheet are provided in the class.

Absolute Beginner

How to warp a loom using the direct warping method, weaving in plain weave, weaving with multiple colors in the weft, and hemstitching.

None! You don't need any weaving experience to take this class. Must be 10 years or older.

REQUIRED YARN - available for purchase at the shop
260 yards total of DK or worsted weight yarn. You can use one or two colors of the same yarn, or two different yarns. If you want to use two different yarns you will need 140 yards of strong (won't easily break when pulled) animal fiber yarn for the warp (fringe color), and 120 yards of any strength animal fiber yarn for the weft (main scarf color). Most plant fiber and acrylic yarns are not recommended for this first project as they are less stretchy and forgiving.

REQUIRED TOOLS  - available for purchase at the shop
A 10–20" rigid heddle table loom with a 5 or 8 dent reed, 1–2 shuttles, 3 clamps, warping peg, threading hook, 2 rubber bands, warp paper, scissors, and a darning needle.

All the above required tools are included in our rentable rigid heddle loom kit! Each class sign up includes 1 free week of loom rental. You can also rent our classroom looms beyond that week for $5/day or $30/week.

If you have your own loom you would like to use in the class, please email me a photo of it at so I can make sure it will work for the class.

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