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Tapestry Weaving Workshop

Tapestry Weaving Workshop

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Interested in learning the art of weaving, but not quite ready to tackle a room-sized Jacquard loom? Us either! We'd love to introduce you to this fun and ancient-yet-wildly-modern art form in the most accessible way possible, using small frame looms – both the wooden models available here at the store, or single-use cardboard looms you'll learn how to construct during class.

Students will be shown techniques at the beginning of this workshop, then they get to experiment all they want and weave whatever they want with tips from the instructor! 

Cleo (they/she)

Absolute Beginner

None! You don't need any craft experience to take this class.

How to warp a frame loom, soumak and tabby weaves (also called plain weave), making simple shapes, adding fringe with rya knots, finishing the weaving, attaching your tapestry to a stick or dowel.

A small frame loom. We have a few different sizes of frame looms available for sale at the shop in a range of prices. Students can also bring in their own tapestry looms, or make a single use one out of cardboard curing the workshop (cardboard & scissors will be provided). Rigid heddle weavers are also welcome to bring their looms provided they are pre-warped and ready to weave on!

Warp string, lots of fun weaving yarns in various sizes, colors, and textures. All yarn used during the workshop is included in the cost of the workshop. Additional yarn to take home is available for purchase.

Scissors and darning needles will all be available to use during the workshop, and are available for purchase if you would like to continue weaving at home.

Depending on each student's own pace and chosen loom size, not all students will finish their tapestry during class, but everyone will leave with the knowledge to finish at home on their own!

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