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Sweater Workshop & Knit-Along

Sweater Workshop & Knit-Along

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This is a dual class and knit-along, for folks who want to learn and have guidance through their first sweater, as well as for anyone who already knows how and just wants to knit with other people making sweaters.

Sign up for all sessions before the first one and get them all at a discount! Drop in sessions will be available throughout the workshop & knit-along. 


Knit-along attendees will receive guidance on selecting the right type and amount of materials for their chosen pattern whenever they start, and can ask questions about specific techniques during each session as long as Cleo isn't busy helping workshop students. Your fellow knit-along friends will also probably be able to help you out if you need it!

We have a few suggested patterns listed below but you can also find your own if you're looking for a specific style. This is a totally open-ended sweater knit-along so you can make whatever you want! We ask that you purchase your materials from our shop, but it's not a requirement, just think of us the next time you're ready to buy yarn :)

You can follow the lesson plan we have outlined below if you are making a top down raglan sweater, or go at your own pace! You can come to all the sessions or just drop in for a couple of them.

This is a great way to meet new crafty friends and have some dedicated time each week to work on your sweater project. We'd love to have you!


This weekly workshop is going to run for seven weeks, just enough time to complete a whole sweater, even your first one! The workshop will guide you through every step of making a top-down raglan sweater step-by-step.

All students attending the workshops should choose a top-down raglan sweater pattern that uses dk, worsted, aran, or bulky weight yarn. Keep in mind that thicker yarns take less time to knit! We have several great recommendations listed below.

Note that for the workshop there will be knitting homework between some of the classes, but we've also spread out the classes to allow you extra time to knit to where you need to be.

Drop-in sessions are also available for anyone who wants to just come to a few of the workshop sessions to get help with specific techniques. Refer to the lesson plan below to see which dates will be going over which techniques.

Cleo (they/she)

You can read about how we determine skill levels here.

You must already be very comfortable with casting on, the knit stitch, the purl stitch, working knit & purl stitches in the same row before taking this workshop. Knowing how to identify and fix mistakes is helpful to know but not required.

listed in order of difficulty, starting with the easiest/quickest

Pattern Yarn Weight  Notes
Classic Cropped Pullover by Cleo Malone
This pattern is knit with bulky weight yarn so it goes quickly and it's somewhat easier to fix mistakes, plus Cleo designed it so they know it very well and can easily help you modify it! You also get this pattern for free with the workshop & yarn purchase.
Worsted Pullover No. 1 by Cleo Malone
This pattern is knit with worsted weight yarn so it won't knit up as quickly as the pattern above, but still a great weight of yarn to learn with, plus the fabric won't be quite as bulky as the one above. Cleo designed this one too so they know it very well and can easily help you modify it! 
You also get this pattern for free with the workshop & yarn purchase.
Flax by TinCanKnits
This pattern is similar to the Worsted Pullover No. 1 pattern above but includes some simple stitch pattern blocking along the sleeves and has a wider neck. It's great for first-time sweater knitters. It's also free!
No Frills Sweater by PetiteKnit
This pattern is very similar in construction to the recommended patterns above but it's knit at a smaller gauge so it will take longer to knit. We recommend this pattern only if you have lots of time to knit the homework between classes, or if you're an especially fast knitter!
Cumulus Blouse by PetiteKnit DK/Worsted This pattern has a deep V neck so the construction at the beginning will have a few extra steps than the other recommended patterns. Plus it has I-cord edging instead of a simple rib. It's only a bit more complex than the other recommended patterns so it's great for confident knitters. It's pictured with two strands of mohair held together but can be knit in any DK or worsted weight yarn for a different look (likewise, any of the worsted weight patterns above can be knit with mohair too, but this is not for the faint of heart!)
It's Not a Sweatshirt by Pernille Larsen
This pattern is similar to the above but includes a folded hem collar and short row neck shaping. This is a great pattern for those who have maybe knit a sweater or similar project before but want a refresher and to learn a couple extra things. 


MATERIALS - available for purchase at the shop
The weight and amount of yarn needed will vary with your chosen pattern. We will be discussing picking a size and the correct yarn to buy on the first day of class.

TOOLS - available for purchase at the shop
Needle sizes will vary with your chosen pattern. Generally you'll need one or two sizes of a 16" circular needle, one 32–40" circular needle (depending on the size you choose), and 1–2 sizes of double pointed needles, unless you use the magic loop method.

If you haven't already, now is a great time to consider buying an interchangeable needle set! You'll use many of the tips & cords in this class and have nearly every needle size and length combo you'll ever need moving forward. We have several options for sale in the shop!


January 10th: Learn how to read a pattern, pick out the right yarn & needles for your pattern & size, make a gauge swatch, cast on! Required homework: finish neck hem.

January 17th: Set up markers, learn make one increasing, optional short row shaping. Required homework: continue working on raglan increases.

January 24th: Optional class! Come to work on your raglan increases and hang out. No specific techniques will be taught. Questions or repeat demo requests are very welcome.

January 31st: put sleeve stitches on hold, cast on for underarms, try on your sweater so far! Optional homework: finish body.

February 7th: pick up sleeve stitches, work in the round on 16" circulars, double pointed needles, or learn magic loop, sleeve decreasing, optional sleeve modifications. Optional homework: finish body, continue working on sleeves.

No class on February 14th, but we will be hosting Queer Craft Club that night if you'd like to join us and hang out!

February 21st: sew up underarms, weave in ends, blocking advice, optional make up demos for any techniques, optional duplicate stitch lettering.

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